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Our Born Brands Lineup

With a product profile stretching over 50 brands and covering over 15000 sku's we realised it was getting harder and harder for our customer to relate to everything we were offering, so the Born-Brand divisions were established. 5 Division each covering a separate speciality.


Car-born -  Where it all began and what were most known, automotive, motorcycle, caravan and motorhome accessories, tooling and chemicals.Car-born is made up of some of the longest standing car accessory, chemical and tooling brands providing products which either provide necessity, practicality, comfort or fun to any motorist.

Bike-born - A ever growing collection of  bicycle accessory brands that is constantly evolving and developing in a range that is as well suited in IBD's as it is in multinational retailers. With the introduction of a Dutch built bike brand and an electric scooter range we believe we something for everyone. 


Born-Active - A collection of 4 of the best manufacturers in Europe, each a specialist in their own field that we combined to create one complete range covering travelling and touring.

Car & Commercial Roofbars, Rear & Roof Boxes, Bike Carriers for the Roof, Rear and Towball and the accessories to go with them 

Begin your Adventure 


Born-Life - Leisure time has be come more important to everyone, so Born-life brings together the brands we represent to make everyone's home a better, more efficient, more organised and better sounding environment. From Audio electrical equipment, to home storage, to adhesives, tapes and batteries we have something for every retailer.


Born-Detailing - Over the past 18 months detailing has grown enormously for us and now includes over 1500 products and over 30+ brands. With the introduction of all these new products and brand names we decided to give the range its own identify within our organisation so Born-Detailing was established. 

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